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So you've decided to charter a sailboat for your next vacation. Now you need to decide where to sail. We offer catamarans throughout the Caribbean, US, British and Spanish Virgin Islands, St. Martin, and Grenadines. We've sailed these areas for the past 20 years and are well equipped to guide you.  We also have boats further north in the Bahamas.  And we have offerings in Belize and Panama.

We are putting together our thoughts on our favorite places in these locations.  Please check out our notes on the Virgin Islands.

For those who are new to these areas of the world we have included a map to give you a general sense of the Caribbean.  The Bahamas are to the north. Belize is further to the west.  

Here are several of our suggested sailing destinations:

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are the most popular cruising area in the Caribbean.  

The BVI have been called "the sailing capital of the world" for years.  It is highly recommended for fairly new sailors, families with small children and first time charterers.  The islands are fairly close together, you are never out of sight of land, much of the waters are protected from open seas, there are so many good anchorages available, good snorkeling and diving, beach bars and restaurants abound.  Please check out our sailing notes for more info on these islands.

The US Virgin Islands (USVI) are right next door. You can sail out of that area as well. 

The Leeward Islands are about 85 miles east of the BVI   Anguilla (known for it's beautiful, white sand beaches), St. Martin/St. Maarten (half French, half Dutch), and St. Barts (Restaurants and shopping to die for) make up the most common sailing area.  There is plenty to see and do here during a week charter.  These islands are fairly close together for short passages.  The sailing is a bit more challenging than the BVI, and there are fewer protected anchorages.  But, there are several more islands only a days sail away for the more adventurous or experienced sailors. 

Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Kitts, Nevis, and Montserrat (still active volcano) are all small volcanic islands, very lush, with steep mountains and deep water and spanning about 90 miles.  There are not many secure harbors so these islands are not visited as much as the others.  Antigua has become a major yachting center with established harbors and charter companies.  It is a good location to begin or end a one way charter.

Our recommended French Connection trip includes Guadeloupe, Iles de Saintes, Dominica and Martinique.   

There are enough cruising areas and anchorages to spend a week around the islands of Guadeloupe. And be sure to make time to tour the interior.  We highly recommend stops in Marie Galante and Iles de Saintes on the way to Martinique to complete your French experience.

And while making this trip be sure to leave time to stop in Dominica.  Not it's not French, but you are in the area, and it has so much natural beauty, mountains, waterfalls, forests, crater lakes.  This is the nature lovers must do. 

We work with charter bases in Guadeloupe and Martinique so can arrange one way trips to give you more opportunity to see everything in a week charter.  For those of you looking for a new experience in the Caribbean we encourage you to consider these islands. 

The Windward Islands are the southern most of the Caribbean chain and include the well known Grenadines.  

The four main islands are Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada.  They have high mountains and are very lush and tropical. In between are the Grenadines, smaller islands with beautiful white sand beaches, clear waters and colorful reefs.  You usually have good winds for great sailing and there are many good anchorages.  Some say this is what the BVI's were like 40 years ago.

This is just an over view.  We have a lot of other ideas.  We are happy to put together a unique plan for you.  Just ask.

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