Catamaran Sailing - BVI Charter

Sailing the Abacos

We've enjoyed a great sailing venture in the Abacos, Bahamas.  We have found another truly beautiful cruising area to offer bareboat and crewed charters aboard catamarans.  If you have not sailed in this area, you really should.


There are many good reasons to sail in the Abacos.  It is easy to get to from the states, many islands to see with short distances between them, lovely towns and settlements to visit, and great snorkeling, diving, sport fishing.  Here are some of the highlights of our first trip.


Man-O-War Cay was our first stop. There is a lovely community of pastel homes with picket fences. Streets are one lane and golf carts are the given vehicles. There are several stores for groceries and local arts. Stop in at the Sail Shop. Man-O-War is still a very active ship building location.


Green Turtle Cay: The town of New Plymouth offers many restaurants and bars, well stocked stores, sheltered anchorages and very friendly folks.  Golf carts are the norm for getting around the island.  Green Turtle Club and Bluff House offer formal dining.


Moor in Settlement Harbor on Great Guana Cay and walk over to Seven Mile Beach on the Atlantic side.  And stop in at Nipper's for a fun crowd and pig roast on Sunday afternoons.


Elbow Cay:  Hope Town.  It has a well protected harbor with the famous candy striped lighthouse.  
The town has pastel painted houses with picket fences.  Everyone gets around the harbor by dinghy and happy hour begins at 4 PM.


We made a lunch stop at Tahati Beach on Elbow Cay.  It was a beautiful spot.  We swam to shore.  There were starfish everywhere.  Later we snorkeled across from Sandy Cay.  This was some of the finest snorkeling we have ever done, large schools of big fish, truly spectacular.  This is a protected marine park.  There are very strong efforts to preserve and protect the reefs in the Abacos.  It is a must see place.


Little Harbor, Great Abaco.  Check out the gallery, the sculpture garden, the old lighthouse, Johnston cave, do some snorkeling and stop in for a sundowner at  Pete's Pub.