Catamaran Sailing - BVI Charter

Getting There

So you are ready to book your charter, but you don't know how to get there.  We can help. Are you interested in trip insurance?  We have links below.


If you are chartering in Belize there are two airlines that have the best connections to Belize City (BZE): American Airlines and Continental.  Crewed Charters normally meet guests at the Cucumber Marina in Belize City or Placencia, but they are flexible.  Bareboaters would continue on to San Pedro or Placencia depending on which base you pick up your bare boat.   We recommend Tropic Air for that leg of your trip.  You can book on line.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines:

There are several places to fly in to the Grenadines depending on where you plan to meet your crewed yacht or pick up your bareboat.  There are connections through San Juan to many of the islands in the Grenadines area: St. Vincent (SVD), Canouan (CIW), Union (UNI) and Grenada (GND).  We can help you sort out the best options.

Martinique & Guadeloupe:

Flights in and out of these islands have some limitations on number of flights/day and days of the week that they fly, so planning is important.  You will probably have to go through San Juan to get to either of these islands.

St. Martin/St. Barts/Anguilla:

If you are sailing in the St. Martin (SXM) area you would often fly through San Juan to get there.  But there are direct flights from other major US cities also.

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands:

If your charter starts in St. Thomas (maximum of 6 people on crewed yachts) you can fly directly to St. Thomas (STT) from many cities in the US.  Otherwise, you might go through Miami or San Juan to get there.

Whatever your choice, we are happy to get you a quote on airfares.  If we have the best fare we will write those tickets for you.  If you can do better on the internet, or are using frequent flyer miles, that is good too.  Just be sure to let us know when you will arrive so your boat or crew will be ready for you.

Tortola, British Virgin Islands:

You can fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU) and continue on directly to Tortola.  Many airlines fly to San Juan.  There are several commercial airlines that fly on to Tortola (EIS).  We also work with a local airline that has several flights to Tortola every day.  And, we work with a private company that will schedule a charter flight just for your party.

Or, you can fly to St. Thomas (STT), USVI , and take a ferry to Tortola.  If you fly regularly with an airline other than American this might be the best route for you.  The ferry is about $40 round trip per person.  Check the schedules here.

Travel Insurance

Trip cancellation / Trip Interruption insurance is available for your charter trip, not only for the cost of a charter, but for all the attendant expenses such as airfare, hotels (if applicable) and other vacation costs.  Some types of insurance even include lost luggage, delayed luggage and medical expenses, including air evacuation!  We highly recommend trip insurance if you are scheduled to charter during hurricane season.  (July-October)

We recommend you contact or call at 800-826-1300