Catamaran Sailing - BVI Charter

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a very popular water sport throughout the Caribbean from Belize to the Virgin Islands to the Grenadines.  The water is warm and clear.  The corals and fish life are plentiful.  Enjoy!

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Diving on a Crewed Yacht in the BVI's:

Many of the crewed yachts offer scuba diving from the boat.  One or more of the crew members have dive master rating.  They offer diving to certified divers only.

Catamarans that have dive instructor:  
(Resort course/certification available)

Other yachts have a crew member with Dive Instructor rating.  In addition to offering diving to certified divers, they are able to teach a resort course for beginners.  And they can certify others for Open Water Certification.

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